All in One Solar Street Light LSE-Series


Luminous Flux 2000 - 11400 lm

Featuers of LSE-Series


Road Lighting
Road Lighting
Area Lighting
Area Lighting
Perimeter Lighting
Perimeter Lighting



Illuminance Diagram


Photometrics Design

Lumen efficiency >200lm/W

achieve higher illumination

Seoul 5050 LED chip creates a first-class light source. By choosing it, single lumen efficacy >200lm/W, with the aluminum lamp base and sealed lens, with its excellent heat dissipation, it is as if the LED chip has been placed in a sealed unit. Thus it maintains high brightness levels with very little fading. The sealed lenses are made of strong UV-protected PC and are aging and shock-resistant; The well-optimized light distribution makes for a more uniform and wider lighting area.


Bifacial Solar Panel


Cost is one of the biggest factors a big factor – particularly in the case of monofacial modules. The cost of bifacial modules has fallen precipitously over the last two decades. Notably, as costs have decreased, so too has the cost gap between mono- and bifacial modules.

High Conversion Efficiency

There is no doubt bifacial modules will increase power production. Results and studies have shown that bifacial modules can produce additional power between 10-20% over monofacial panels. If conditions are optimized and single-axis trackers adopted, the additional power can be as high as 30-40%.

Other Benefits

• Site Selection:
The site selection of the bifacial panels can be optimized. For places where land is less electricity supply and expensive, monofacial panels should be laid in the right direction to ensure maximum energy collection. However, bifacial modules can have optimal spacing and therefore higher yields. Also, bifacial yields are greater where the diffuse
light energy is greater, which means at higher latitudes the bifacial yield will be greater than at lower latitudes.

• High Albedo:
The environment has a high albedo that is great for bifacial panels compared with monofacial panels. Desert sand is even a better option. The best option is white concrete or highly reflective roof foil. Snow and ice also have a very high albedo.

• Tilt:
More flexible than monofacial panel. Bifacial panels can receive light even at sunset. This will vary from site to site, but generally, 2~15 degrees more than the monofacial tilt has been shown to be effective.

Application of Typical Networking of Smart Street Light(optional)

Strategy Control

By installing the node of the street light controller on the ambient light sensor, electric energy metering unit to collect to the street light power (voltage, current, power), and the ambient light conditions, according to the administrator deployment strategy to mobilize installed on the street light controller of the automatic control system to control the street light switch, adjust brightness, color temperature adjustment, etc.

Gateway Control

The Lora Light wireless system with strong anti-inteference ability is adopted in the wireless transmission unit of the street light controller to realize the communication between nodes and gateways. The data of various sensors on the node street lamp controller is sent back to the gateway, and the control command of the gateway is also sent to the node street light controller.

Cloud Platform

The gateway controller transmits the street light control information of all nodes under the gateway to the cloud platform through 4G/Zigbee-IoT (optional) wireless mode, and at the same time sends the instructions of the cloud platform to the street light controller of each node.

Controller IoT-4G/Zigbee

  • Built-in IoT controller module;
  • Adopt Moving Track MPPT maximum power tracking technology, with higher tracking efficiency and faster speed;
  • Lead-acid battery and lithium battery are universal. Operating parameters can be set by remote controller;
  • Ultra green power control technology with extremely low static power consumption and dormant current;
  • Lead acid battery multi-stage temperature compensated constant voltage charging;
  • 10 Programmable load power/time control setting;
  • Battery charging and discharging high and low temperature protection function, working temperature can be set;
  • A variety of intelligent modes can be selected, automatically adjust the load power according to the battery power;
  • High precision digital booster constant-current control algorithm, high efficiency and high constant-current precision;
  • 2.4G wireless communication, can set read parameters, read status, etc;
  • Battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/open circuit/limited power protection and other multiple protection functions.

Construction Features

SolarStreetLight LSE Construction Features



Parameter Table

Electrical Data
Input voltage12V DC
Control OptionPhotocell sensor, timing, dimming, intelligent power saving, microwave sensor. LoRa, 4G, Zigbee, Smart Lighting Control optional.
Photometric Data
LED ManufacturerSeoul
LED modelSeoul 5050
Efficacy (lm/W, Std. Dev. ±3%)@CCT=5700K, CRI>70Ra200lm/W190lm/W196lm/W192lm/W192lm/W190lm/W
Luminous flux (lm, Std. Dev. ±3%)@CCT=5700K, CRI>70Ra2000lm3800lm5880lm7680lm9600lm11400lm
ULOR 0%, @ Luminaire inclination 0°
CCT3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
CRI70Ra, 80Ra, 90Ra optional
Beam angleT2(60°*156°)/T3(75°*160°)/T4(78°*153°)
Mechanical Data
IP RatingIP65, according to standard EN 60529
SCxFront: 0.3465 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0622 m²;
Front: 0.3465 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0622 m²;
Front: 0.4143 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0669 m²;
Front: 0.4831 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0706 m²;
Front: 0.5537 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0743 m²;
Front: 0.6215 m²;
Front-side: 0.0535 m²;
Side: 0.0790 m²;
HousingHeavy-duty die-cast aluminum (EN AC-46100)
Surface treatmentAnti-UV thermosetting polyester / 80 micron epoxy primer + Anti-UV thermosetting polyester (for extremely corrosive environments).
PaintingBlack, Custom request
MountingUniversal/Wall mount/Round pole/Square pole
Solar Panel Data
Photovoltaic panelDouble crystal photovoltaic panel
Solar Panel18V/30W18V/40W18V/50W18V/60W18V/70W18V/80W
Li-ion Battery153.6WH230.4WH307.2WH384.0WH460.8WH537.6WH
Charing Time5.12Hrs5.76Hrs6.14Hrs6.40Hrs6.58Hrs6.72Hrs
Battery lifespan>2000 times cycle
Run Time(@full power)15hrs / 10hrs11.5hrs / 9hrs10hrs / 8.5hrs9.5hrs / 8.5hrs9hrs9hrs
Ambient Temperature-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)
Charing Temperature-0°C to 45°C (32°F  to 113°F)
Control systemPWM /  IoT, Complementary solution, MPPT optional
Maximum AutonomyOperate 5~7 rainy days under intelligent model.
LifespanL90B10 > 100000hrs, @Ta 25°C
Warranty3 years (Warranty extension up to 5 years on request)
CertificationUL/ CUL  FCC SAA RCM CE RoHS, the company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified,For other certificates please request
Product Size633*365.5*211.4mm793*365.5*211.4mm948*365.5*211.4mm1103*365.5*211.4mm1263*365.5*211.4mm1418*365.5*211.4mm
Net Weight11.49kg12.86kg14.89kg16.5kg17.61kg19.66kg
Carton Size860*210*440mm1020*210*440mm1175*210*440mm1330*210*440mm1490*210*440mm1645*210*440mm
Gross Weight14.5kg15.86kg17.97kg19.6kg21.49kg22.44kg
Recommend  installation height3-6m5-7m5-8m6-9m6-10m7-12m
Application fieldUrban and rural street