Our Technology

Based on our know-how, technology, and our controller integrated with the led module, power management system, our products have following competitive advantages, comparing with other solar lighting systems:

    • Global leader in offering tailor-made solutions, based-on geographical location.
    • Increasing the system reliability in terms of the LOLP.
    • Reducing costs considerably in terms of innovation of products.
    • Durable products compared to those of other competitors.
    • Lower installation and maintenance costs.
    • No electric bills, reduced investments and quick ROI (less than 24 months in 90% of applications).
    • Without risk of electric shock.
    • Turning on and off automatically with ambient light.
    • Water and dust resistant; (use of special Nano technology).
    • Significant energy savings for industrial/commercial applications such as roadways, public areas, etc.

    • Light structural design, smaller panels and lower battery capacity.
    • Up to 10+ years LED module lifespan.
    • Fewer LED replacements.
    • Making Flood/Spot light mast with luminous flux in range of 50,000-200,000Lm, portable flood light tower on trailer in range of 25,000-100,000Lm, as well as solar street light in range of 3,000 to 60,000Lm.
    • Programmable charge controller and motion sensors are merely implemented in the geolocations near earth poles, where the daylight is too short to increase the cloudy day backup.
    • Providing luminous flux and LUX based on customer demand.
    • Engineering design with different configuration for solar panel and battery capacity based on geographical locations with 3 -10 days (36-120 hours) back up, in inclement weather.


LUMENTEK’s Breakthrough Solution to the Market

For the first time in the world, our engineering team has invented a patented technology (US Patent No. 10,563,827 B2), for solar lighting systems, enjoying unique features with no limitation of power, with affordable, and competitive prices in international markets while all aforementioned problems have been solved and addressed as follows:

There is no manufacturer in the world able to make powerful solar light system for main roads, highways, freeway, stadiums and commercial complexes due to the following reasons:

  • to manufacture high power solar street lights, spotlights, floodlights, and solar lighting towers;
  • Supportive days in cloudy weather for the system are very limited (the system has only 1-2 days’ back-up without dimming).
  • Maintenance cost will be very high;
  • The final price will be very high;
  • The pole structure cannot withstand the weight of solar panels and batteries;
  • There is no economic justification due to high cost of very big solar panel and batteries with high capacity , etc.


Market’s Main Problem

We manufacture solar lighting systems without diminishing the overall light intensity. All manufacturers using different method to increase back up of the system in inclement weather:

  1. implement motion sensor to acquire few days back up, when the sensor detects a moving object from a specific distance, the lighting system starts working with 100% of its nominal power, otherwise it can work with 30%-50% brightness, based on its defined programed pre-set schedule.

Based on the standards in lighting systems, especially in freeway and highways, the implementation of these systems is forbidden, as the dimming fatigues drivers’ eyes and causes accidents.

  • Programmable charge controllers, in this method based on duration of a night (8 hours in summer and 12 to 14 hours in winter depending on the geolocation) light intensity is programmed to operate in 3 ,4 or 5 working modes.

  •  PID controller , invisible flicker in order to reduce power consumption.

Flicker is constant fluctuation of light output and it is of two types – Visible and Invisible. Visible flicker which is in the frequency range of 100 hertz can be seen by naked eye. However, any flicker above 100 hertz is termed as invisible flicker which human eye cannot detect, and it is the one that we all should be concerned about.

It’s the invisible flicker present in LED lights

LED lights with high flicker rate can cause various health complications. Because of the flicker, human eyes are forced to rapidly adjust to changing light output, which stresses the eye muscles. Studies has revealed that prolonged exposure to flicker emitted by LED lights can lead to various health problems including eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, apparent slowing or stopping of motion, reduced visual task performance and in some cases, neurological problems.

Understanding the impact of invisible flicker on human eyes and health

As a result of the stated problematic facts, it was impossible to build solar street lights beyond 160 watts in the world, without dimming system.


In other systems, once the light hits the panels, the voltage of the panel starts to increase, and once the voltage reaches 12V, the battery starts to charge. We are using a controller to start charging the battery in overcast weather conditions. The controller charges the battery with as little as 6V, which provides 30% to 45% of the overall energy consumption. This also increases the battery lifetime by as much as three times.


Our system provides easily 3-10 back-up days in all weather conditions (i.e) cloudy, snowy, sandy or rainy days (36 to120 hours) without dimming system like motion sensor or time setting with full power operation (Based on geographical and regional conditions).


We have designed a separate direct feed for every LED. This means that if one LED is burnt, only that one LED will be out of service and changed, which will ultimately not impact the output of the other LEDs. This is clearly not the case with all the other systems offered by competitors, where one burnt LED causes a series of other LEDs to go out of service, leading to an increase of the overall voltage and current of the system that is fed to the other LEDs, hence reducing their overall lifespan.


In case of a low battery, the LED light of competitive systems cuts-off completely. Based on our innovation, LED modules have demonstrated lower power consumption in the range of 30% to 50%, as compared to other systems.


Our system is much lower in weight, than other solar lighting system manufacturers (Due to the smaller number of solar panels and batteries)


All manufacturers have technical limitations for producing high power solar lights, whereas we have the capability of producing solar lights with a light intensity rating of up to 200,000 lumens.


aIncreasing the tilt angle of solar panels during installation without decrease in the solar light absorption. This ceases the accumulation of dust, snow and rain on the surface of panel.

bUsing self-cleaning and anti-soiling Nano coating on the panels which decreases the friction on the surface of panel which prevents the accumulation of dust, snow and rain on the surface of panel.

Retrofit Opportunities

LED retrofit lighting is projected to be the fastest growing product segment in the energy retrofit systems market. Rapid technological innovation in the lighting industry, easy availability of raw materials, along with affordably priced products are expected to substantially drive segment growth till 2027. Global Solar Outdoor LED Lighting Market (2019-2027): Retrofit Installations Anticipated to Flourish at a CAGR of 12.8% Over the Forecast Period.


We see this as an opportunity and respond to the market need with an agile and adaptive solution for retrofit project. Our very economic methods can adjust and install LED modules based on available frames in traditional street lights. The existing lights could be convert to LED lights with solar system, using an automatic connection to the city electricity when batteries have been emptied because of the bad weather situation.

Smart Control System

(Optional function)

Intelligent controlling system (optional) provides link-Enables Communication between each Solar Street Light, that can be accessed via ZIGBEE, GPRS, LoRa gateway.

The users can remotely operate and monitor performance of each street light. It also can change the lighting operation profile and adjust itself to the brightness of each Solar LED Light.

Through the solar street light intelligent management systems, and wireless control module on the street unified management, it is possible to achieve the lighting remote monitoring, real-time monitoring, intelligent control and energy saving performance.